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You were bent over your sketchbook
Furiously scribbling as you did every evening around 7pm
It was that night I realised.

I suddenly noticed the delicate curve of your spine
And how I wanted to thank each vertebrae for holding you up when I couldn’t
I remember thinking how I wanted to kiss every square inch of your skin to thank it for holding you together when I wasn’t there to stop you from tearing apart
I remember wanting to reach through your porcelain skin and hold your fragile bones
Just to show you how proud I am of how much you have grown
I wanted to run my nails across your back and show you your skin cells under my rusty old microscope I stole from the science lab that day (do you remember?)
To show you how that even if you feel broken, your cells continue to fight for your body to replenish, for you to live

I wanted to thank every inch of your body for fighting for your survival
Even when your mind convinced you that you wanted to die

It was that night I realised I loved you.

Vertebrae // E.E (via be-fearless-brave-and-kind)
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